NoVA Revised!

2007-11-22 23:12:39 by DMBANKAI

So I had just recently checked my songs weren't so good in score. I expected that from the start regardless but the fact of seeing it made me wonder if it was worth it.

But I realized some people liked NoVA so I decided to revise it and finish it, which I did.

NoVA has a story to it.

"In a distant cluster of worlds in a galaxy, there was a long lasting peace that came to an abrupt end when one of system's Novas collapsed on itself and a near by planet is engulfed its gravity and flames. In confusion, people blame their neighboring worlds for this catastrophe and wage wars against each other. The voice of their dead fuel their rage to kill. Eventually, they all obliterate another planet unknowingly and still fight amongst themselves. I'll leave you to imagine the rest, but eventually peace returns that over shadows a dark gruesome tragedy."

Go check it out and review plz. Cya.


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