2007-12-06 21:01:40 by DMBANKAI

Well, in trying to make Indigo, I made a song that was worthy of the title Desperation.

The Subtitle was changed for the actual intensity (and funny end) of the song.

This is the first song I made that has multiply BPM changes that goes up 30 bpm intervals

220-250-280-310 and repeats itself again for the finale

Since I think it can still do some work, I'm going to work on this again and make another Desperation under the subtitle ~MARAUDER SURVIVOR~ Which BPM exceed greatly that of ~No Survivor~.

The Original plan with Desperation was to make it go up to a max BPM of 400. I plant to do this or at least get to 370. It will have extra pattern varieties and an "alternate ending".

It will also have less Voice Overs like the intentional conflicting eary in the song. It will keep the "main ones" but the "ITS A TRAP" and "DIE DIE DIEEEEEEE" will still remain in the song.

before I upload Desperation I'm going to fix up and polish up the conflicting voice overs because it still is weird thanks to the file going corrupt on me and having to start over when it was already perfect. =(

I'll post the backstory of Desperation shortly after I upload it.

Sayonara! =D


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2007-12-07 06:47:15

Lol, It's s trap? I heard that some where before >_> Lol.
I want to make a song using voice clips >_<. Oh, and can you check you my latest song? And btw, I can't believe I spelled my own song name wrong. I told you the on NOT to check You was garbage generator. I ment Grabage generator. Im noobed -.-


DMBANKAI responds:

lol that was a typo sorry.

And I didn't get to listen to it because my comp was wierd so you were safe.