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Soul Forest Soul Forest

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I can defiantly sleep through this. *sleeps like a baby*

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SonicJ responds:

Yes, yes , sleep!

Boss Fight 2-Star Fox 64 Boss Fight 2-Star Fox 64

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The accuracy with this remix is astonishing! This is one of my favorite classics! Nice job!

MooMan911 responds:

Thanks! :D I didn't expect it to be this good lol. Thanks for reviewing! :D

OmegaBoss OmegaBoss

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Not a review

You can change the quality of the song in the options before rendering your song on Fruity Loops. Hope this helps.

EpicMastermind responds:

I searched the entire options and there was no quality option. I have already tried changing the buffer settings and it hasn't did much.

Holy Skirmish(Air fight) Holy Skirmish(Air fight)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


That was actually good. What I thought was missing was some bass line when you only had the slayer(Guitar) on the solo and just something in the beginning of the song because the drum pause drum is kinda...empty.

Nonetheless, thats pretty cool. Better than when I was a n00b. lol I learned the very hard way.

SonicJ responds:

After uploading and listening to the track, I realised that the begining seemed sort of empty, and would want to make people steer clear of the entire song, But I said eh what the heck. The next song I make will relate directly to this one, so i'll keep in mind those hints you gave me. Thanks for the review :D

ParagonX9 - Chaoz Survivor ParagonX9 - Chaoz Survivor

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I don't like acid much but this is one of those exceptions! =P

This screams out PARANOiA Remix (in a good way ;D)

Keep it up.

Luigis Super Spooky mansion V1 Luigis Super Spooky mansion V1

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What he said!

Resent Resent

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I remember reading that quote somewhere. I think it was in a painting where a a dead guy was in his grave and on his tomb stone lied that quote. meaning he was once alive, but now he is dead, and we will all meet the fate he did.

I can feel it in the tone on the song. very nice.

*Heaven's Rave* // ZeRo BaSs *Heaven's Rave* // ZeRo BaSs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

*Thumbs Up*

That is pretty sick right there!
The beginning made me think it was Disconnected (Song from In the Groove) coming to kill me lol!