2008-01-24 20:31:11 by DMBANKAI

Here we go folk! I uploaded the Gaia(Jungle) mix of Sactuary for all of you to enjoy.

As I have done with Hades to bring the feeling of hell with its dark tone, Gaia will bring the feel of nature (somewhat hopefully lol) with jungle sfx and some cool drum beats.

Also, when I have more time, I will start the conversion of Hades to the new Angelic mix of Sanctuary.

In the mean time, I will be experiment with DDR lengths song that I might submit to Newgrounds if they are good enough. and if you want to stepchart any of them for stepmania or whatever, feel free to ask me.



2008-01-21 13:50:40 by DMBANKAI

My computer has been fixed. And I got some spare time. So I decided to get on Newgrounds and submit "Sanctuary ~Hades~"

Sorry for the long wait, and I hope you enjoy it!

Sanctuary ~Gaia~ is being tuned up a little because it doesn't sound all that great to me. =(

Here is the banner for the song bellow that I'm using for the DDR cut of Sanctuary ~Hades~ (yes I'm making the steps as well for Heavy mode and maybe Oni)


Waiting for the New Year

2007-12-25 01:32:43 by DMBANKAI

Well Guys, I decided I'm not going to release anymore songs for the remainder of this year.

Starting New years day I will release Sanctuary ~Hades~ and maybe I'll have Sanctuary ~Gaia~ ready too.

Merry X-Mas!

I'm currently making a song series called Sanctuary.

It consist of 3 songs.

The current one I'm working is currently titled ~Hades Mix~

I might do a Gaia and Angelic Mix

~Hades Mix~ Seems almost complete but I'm gonna wait till I tune em up and start on the others.

Also I'm working on an "official" website where I have more general news and much more when I have the time. xD



2007-12-07 23:56:22 by DMBANKAI

Well the version that resembles the Desperation I had in my head has been made.

Desperation ~Marauder Survivor~ has the ultimate feet of reaching a 400 BPM.

Also its is suppose to be "Scary" (So says my friend) LOL

I'll submit this once ~No Survivor~ gets kicked off the new Submissions section.



2007-12-07 19:48:33 by DMBANKAI

I Kinda got caught up with homework and the file crashed on me again. Sorry folks.

I just uploaded it so you can check it out.



2007-12-06 21:01:40 by DMBANKAI

Well, in trying to make Indigo, I made a song that was worthy of the title Desperation.

The Subtitle was changed for the actual intensity (and funny end) of the song.

This is the first song I made that has multiply BPM changes that goes up 30 bpm intervals

220-250-280-310 and repeats itself again for the finale

Since I think it can still do some work, I'm going to work on this again and make another Desperation under the subtitle ~MARAUDER SURVIVOR~ Which BPM exceed greatly that of ~No Survivor~.

The Original plan with Desperation was to make it go up to a max BPM of 400. I plant to do this or at least get to 370. It will have extra pattern varieties and an "alternate ending".

It will also have less Voice Overs like the intentional conflicting eary in the song. It will keep the "main ones" but the "ITS A TRAP" and "DIE DIE DIEEEEEEE" will still remain in the song.

before I upload Desperation I'm going to fix up and polish up the conflicting voice overs because it still is weird thanks to the file going corrupt on me and having to start over when it was already perfect. =(

I'll post the backstory of Desperation shortly after I upload it.

Sayonara! =D

Working on a few songs

2007-12-01 22:25:16 by DMBANKAI

Well I'm trying to make some songs that are more fast paced but have much more variety in them unlike NoVA or the other Experiment I made.

I have a few songs already planned on my list but I might be busy with other ones.

Indigo (working title)
Darkness ~Each their own~
Desperation ~No Salvation~
Echo (working title)

I'm working on Indigo as we speak but it might be turned itnot another song since I'm "branching out" the possibilties with this set I assembled.

Darkness, Desperation, and Echo will be done soon after Indigo.


NoVA Revised!

2007-11-22 23:12:39 by DMBANKAI

So I had just recently checked my songs weren't so good in score. I expected that from the start regardless but the fact of seeing it made me wonder if it was worth it.

But I realized some people liked NoVA so I decided to revise it and finish it, which I did.

NoVA has a story to it.

"In a distant cluster of worlds in a galaxy, there was a long lasting peace that came to an abrupt end when one of system's Novas collapsed on itself and a near by planet is engulfed its gravity and flames. In confusion, people blame their neighboring worlds for this catastrophe and wage wars against each other. The voice of their dead fuel their rage to kill. Eventually, they all obliterate another planet unknowingly and still fight amongst themselves. I'll leave you to imagine the rest, but eventually peace returns that over shadows a dark gruesome tragedy."

Go check it out and review plz. Cya.


2007-11-20 21:20:31 by DMBANKAI

Hey NG, the name is DM - Bankai

I'll admit it and am not ashame, I'm a n00b when it comes to this, but I try.

I just posted 2 songs, they aren't great, but they aren't finished either, so I would like some advice so I can learn to make my songs better.

I currently only use FL Studio 7 but I plan to try out other programs soon.

Cya and plz review